Gale Monkey Precipitate

Rudyscave is a brand new musical project which revolves around 60s-70s Psychedelic Rock/Grunge with several contaminations. Rust is our first release. Recorded at Filter Studio throughout 2013 and 2014, this album was conceived with an unusual, old fashioned mood. Love and passion for music are the roots that underlie our project. By taking all the time necessary to rearrange, record and listen to our ideas, we tried to find our comfort zone to evolve our sound. This approach led us through a musical journey which allowed us to change our perspectives, letting our unconscious intuitions spread through the composition.


Gianmaria Vannoni: lead vocals
Marco Righi: rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Davide De Tommaso: bass
Damiano Ponti: lead guitar
Matteo Censi: drums